Enjoy female rejuvenation and vaginal tightening with laser treatments like IntimaLase at RewindMD

Our team at RewindMD of Solana Beach, California, is pleased to serve both men and women concerned about specific issues regarding the appearance of their face and body. However, we also provide another treatment designed just for women: female rejuvenation. With female rejuvenation, Dr. Scott Gillin and his team use a laser device called IntimaLase to tighten the vaginal skin and reduce occurrences of incontinence, loss of sensation during sexual intercourse, and vaginal dryness. Let’s take a look at vaginal laser treatment using the IntimaLase laser device.

How does vaginal laser treatment work?

The IntimaLase treatment provides female rejuvenation, tightening the skin and increasing the blood flow in the vaginal area by using laser technology. This laser treatment eliminates the need for invasive surgical treatments to improve sensation and address issues such as stress urinary incontinence. The IntimaLase helps women improve self-confidence while addressing issues that make them feel concerned about the appearance and function of their vaginal area.

What is vaginal laser treatment, and how does it provide rejuvenation?

Vaginal laser treatment using the IntimaLase is a minimally invasive procedure at our office that uses laser technology to improve vaginal health and function. This treatment can address various concerns, such as vaginal dryness, laxity, discomfort during intercourse, and loss of sensation. At RewindMD, we are pleased to offer the IntimaLase treatment, which is highly effective at addressing these issues throughout several treatments. We find that many women love this comfortable, nonsurgical, noninvasive treatment and look forward to the results they achieve after several treatment sessions. We walk our patients through the process so there are no surprises, and we treat each patient with the care and attention we would our own family members! Women find themselves relaxed and at ease with our caring, friendly team during their female rejuvenation treatments.

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